Our Sponsors

Kelly Krueger with Articulate Animals is a caring, compassionate and skilled animal communicator.  She has helped us let our dogs know when there would be a change in their schedule or an upcoming trip or even a new team member joining the family.  With Kelly’s help we find out how they are feeling physically, check in with their emotional well-being and just maintain our incredibly close connections with our dogs.  Among many other things, she has helped us understand that Banner loves to wear sparkly bandanas, that Djinn enjoys flying high for the frisbee in stadium shows and that Banzai would rather eat her meals in a separate area from the younger dogs, as they make her feel rushed.  Thank you, Kelly, for all of your help keeping our dogs (and cats!) happy and healthy over the years!



Dr. Andi Harper at Animal Magic Care has been keeping the FLYNDOGS in good shape for more than a decade. She is a gentle and intuitive animal chiropractor, and she inspires trust and confidence in our high-strung sport dogs.  Our dogs love her! Sometimes even top athletes get a little tweaked and need some help to feel better in their bodies.  We visit her regularly, and she makes a big positive difference in our performance and competitive lives!



The FLYNDOGS have been loyal customers of Chow Down Pet Supplies for many years.  Wally, Laika, Rider, Banzai, Dharma, Banner, Djinn, Hella, Archer and Falcon have all agreed paws-down that Chow Down is their favorite pet supply store and they have the BEST TREATS behind the counter – just ask for a sample! Chow Down is locally-owned, with a fabulous and knowledgeable staff, and is fully stocked with high quality food, treats, toys and equipment. If they don’t have what you need, they will find it! Tell them the FLYNDOGS sent you!